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Pay in Euros ()

For your benefit, no commission, no bank charges, no hassle...

Payment for ALL deliveries outside the UK must be Bank Transfer Only
Under no circumstances do we accept payment by Credit Card for International Orders. Kindly check our online stock sheet before forwarding payment to avoid disappointment.

Euro Account(€):
IBAN : GB02BOFS 122481 59181624

[This account is to receive EUROS only, all other payments should be sent to our Pounds Sterling Account.

Tip; As the EURO is not the currency of the UK, please make it clear to your bank you wish to transfer in EURO's not POUND's, else we may require you pay additional bank charges before.

Once you have made the Bank Transfer you must email us immediately with your Order Number and the amount transferred.

Delivery Charges outside the UK
Our online system will quote an approximate delivery charge for you. If the actual delivery charge is less you can use this difference as a Credit towards your Next Order. Please contact us on receipt of your order and we can advise.

This is for your convenience and to save time, however if you email us what garments you require in what quantities we can provide a more accurate price before payment & dispatch.

Stock Check
To avoid disappointment We strongly advise all customers to check stock with us first before transferring payment. Our stock list can be downloaded from our website. For any return payment request, we will send less our banks fee.