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Customise YOUR garment!

Digital Printing

We recomend this process for small volumes, especially when printing complex designs or designs with many colours. Printing on white or ecru (unbleached) garments offer substantial savings over printing on coloured garments.

On White Garments
Prices from £2.50 regardless of quantity, conditions apply.

On Coloured/Mixed Garments. 1-off Sample prints @ £19 each
2 - 5 Prints - £15.00 each
6-12 Prints - £10.67
13-30 Prints - £9.00
31-72 Prints - £7.86
73-150 Prints - £7.24

For a quote, please send us a copy of the design with dimensions so we can calculate ink usage.

Screen Printing

We recommend this process for 50+ prints with upto 8 colours, due to the associated screen charges for each colour.

Screenprinting prices

Screen charges - includes basic artwork, films, screens & setup £25.00 each colour
Repeat Screens - for future orders a nominal set up charge of £12.50 each colour
Colour Changes - during print run, £9.50 per change
Flash Cure - £0.13 per item
Maximum Screen size 14" x 16"
Minimum labour charge £46.00 (only applies if job value is below £46.00)

Vinyl Printing

We can also Vinyl Print . As this process is carried out by hand, we only advise this method for low volume, simple designs i.e few curves ,simple text etc. The prices are also based on the amount of Vinyl used, so coverage of the design should also be kept to a minimum for the best price. Due to this, to quote for Vinyl Printing please provide the following; Artwork, Dimensions and Quantity.

No print process is 100% perfect as such we have a 5% tolerance level for scraps, shortages etc. Scraps/Spoils are worked out on the overall job print placements. Therefore we strongly advise customers to order extra garments to allow for this. Customers placing smaller orders with unusual or specific placements should also order a few extra garments to allow us do a test run.


We recommend embroidery for very small designs. Think carefully if you require the background embroidered as this will effect the price dramatically.

To quote for embroidery, we need to see a copy of the artwork with dimensions to estimate the number of stitches in the design, therefore each job is different; For example, a small logo with company name underneath being embroidered on the breast of a polo-shirt;
Embroidery File £35.00 + each embroidery £1.29 (based on 50 embroideries)

Embroidery File charge. This is a one off charge and this will be kept on file for future production runs of this design.
Minimum labour charge £46.00 (only applies if total job value is below £46.00)

Custom Labels

Re-labelling, Sewing, Tagging & Bagging

Relabeling Prices

Add 12p for labelling polo shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, fleeces and caps
Jackets, bags, dresses, suits etc – email us with details.
Price includes cutting out old label if applicable, for unpicking old label, add 48p
If no label to be inserted, cutting out of old label charged at 20p t-shirts, 30p other items, unpicking at 60p t-shirts, 78p for other items.
Machine folding & Bagging (short sleeve t-shirts, adult & larger children’s sizes only) 30p
Hand folding & Bagging 48p
Size sticker to bag @ 12p per garment
Badges, non-fabric and surface labels - email us with details.
Minimum labour charge £46.00 (only applies if total job value (embroidery & relabelling only) is below £46.00)


VAT will be charged at the prevailing rate
All work is subject to our terms and conditions
All prices are estimates as quotes can only be provided on sight of artwork.
Prices are subject to charge without prior notice