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What's New in 2017?!

Please see our new website for the latest updates

We're also supplying the following American clothing brands;
A4 Apparel UK
Hanes UK
Champion UK
Adams UK
Adidas UK
All Sport UK
Alpine Fleece UK
Alternative Apparel UK
American Apparel UK
Anvil UK
Ash City UK
Augusta UK
Authentic Pigment UK
Back Backer UK
Bella + Canvas UK
Burnside UK
econscious clothing UK
J America UK
US Banks UK
...and many more.
Please contact us for more details.

N46 - Women's Bamboo Open Neck T-shirt

N07 - Mens Long (Tall) T-shirt

EP69 - Varsity Jacket

N03 - Now available in 4XL & 5XL

T40 - Women's Blend Sheer Jersey Vest

N89 - Women's Speckled Roll Up T-shirt

N82 - Women's Urban Brushed Jersey T-shirt

N83 - Men's Brushed Urban Jersey Polo T-shirt

N81 - Men's Urban Brushed T-shirt

N68Z- Women's Lightweight Hoody

EP01L - Mens Organic Long sleeve T-shirt

N50P - Unisex / Men's Pulllover Hoodie with Side Pockets

N28 - Women's Croped T-shirt

N21 - Unisex / Men's Mens Scooped Neck T-shirt - Now avl. in Eggplant, Ocean Blue & Teal

N49 - Men's Bamboo Wide Neck T-Shirt

N48 - Women's Bamboo Twisted Neckline T-shirt

N10 - Women's V-Neck Boyfriend T-shirt

N09 - Women's Regular Fitted T-shirt

N13 - Women's Rawedge Boyfriend T-shirt

N14 - Women's Raw Edge T-shirt

N18 - Slim Cut Jersey T-Shirt

N15 - Men's Raw Edge T-Shirt

N08 - Racer Back Jersey Vest

N88 - Men's Speckled T-Shirt

EP12 - Women's Organic Rolled-Up Sleeve T-Shirt

N67Z - Lightweight Zip Up Hoody

EP11 - Men's Organic Rolled Up Sleeves T-Shirt

N24 - Mens Fine Jersey T-shirt - Now avl. in Charcoal Grey

EPJ01 - Junior Classic Organic T-shirt - Now avl. in Navy Blue, Orange & Yellow

EP75 - Organic Fashion Tote Bag - Now avl. in Hot Pink

EP06 - Women's Organic Rib Vest

EP04 - Women's Organic Slim-Fit T-shirt - Now avl. in Heather Grey & Navy Blue

EP03 - Men's Organic Slim-Fit T-shirt - Now avl. in Dark Heather & Navy Blue

EP01 - Men's Classic Organic Tshirt - Now avl. in Denim Blue, Burgundy, Dark Heather, Eggplant & Orange

N54Z - Women's High Neck Zip-Up Hoody

N52Z - Men's High Neck Zip-Up Hoody

N96 - Women's Curved Hem Jersey Vest

N95 - Women's 3/4 Sleeve Raglan T-Shirt

N45 - Men's Bamboo Jersey Tshirt - Now avl. in Denim Blue

N44 - Women's Bamboo Jersey Tshirt - Now avl. in Eggplant & CharcoalGrey and XL

N43 - Women's Bamboo Raglan Tshirt - Now avl. in Denim Blue and XL

N24 - Men's Fine Jersey T-Shirt

N21 - Men's Scooped Neck Tshirt - Now avl. in Melange Grey

N20 - Women's Roll Sleeve Tunic Tshirt - Now avl. in Melange Grey

EPB04 - Baby Organic Bib

EPB03 - Baby Organic Jumpsuit

EPB02 - Organic Babygrow

EPB01 - Baby Organic Lap T-Shirt

N03 - Men's Classic Jersey - Now avl. in Mel.Grey, Faded White & Black, Brazil Yellow, Aqua & Elec.Blue

For 2013 we have updated not just our range but our website as well.
Old Website

N97 - Womens Slimfit Batwing T-shirt

EP66 - Womens Organic Sweatshirt

N23 - Mens Jersey Vest

N12 - Womens Slim-Fit Jersey - Now available in Mel.Grey, Elec.Blue, Charcoal Grey, Faded White & Black

EP65 - Mens Earth Positive Sweatshirt - Now available in Black Heather & Light Heather

EP64Z - Women's Organic Fashion Zip-Up Hoody

EP64P Women's Organic Fashion Pullover Hoody

EP41 - Women's Earthpositive Organic Tunic T-Shirt

EP40 - Women's Earthpositive Organic Tunic Vest

N80 - Large Fashion Organic Tote Bag

N11 - Men's Slimfit T-Shirt- Now available in XXL

EPJ01- Kids Organic T-Shirt

EP62Z- Women's Organic Zip-Up Hooded Top

EP03V - Men's Organic Slim-Fit V-Neck T-shirt

EP63Z - Men's Organic Fashion Zip-Up Hoody

EP63P - Men's Organic Fashion Pullover Hoody

N94 - Women's Wide Sleeve Scooped Neck T-Shirt

N93 - Women's Tunic Vest

N92 - Women's Low Cut Racerback Tunic Vest

N91 - Women's Oversized Cropped Top T-shirt

EP03 - Men's Organic Slim-fit T-shirt

N90 - Women's Batwing Tunic T-shirt

N22 - Men's 3/4 Sleeve Retro Baseball Shirt

N21 - Men's Scooped Neck T-shirt

EP32 - Womens Organic Vintage T-shirt

EP65 - Mens Organic Sweatshirt

EP31 - Mens Organic Vintage T-shirt

N20 - Women's Rolled Sleeve Tunic T-Shirt

N12 - Ladies Slimfit T-shirt - New Size XL added

N03 - Mens Classic T-shirt - New Size XXL added

N31 - Mens Distressed Washed T-shirt - Price Lowered

N44 - Womens Bamboo T-shirt - Now also available in Midnight Blue and Red

N45 - Mens Bamboo T-shirt - Now also available in Midnight Blue, Red, Charcoal Grey, Eggplant and XXL

N38 - Womens Tunic T-shirt - Now also available in Cream, Peacock and Sterio Red

N51Z - Mens Full Zip Hoodie - Now also available in XXL

N34 - Mens Polo T-shirt - Now also available in XXL

EP22 - Ladies Organic Polo-Shirt - Now also available in Melagne Grey

EP04 - Ladies Organic Slim-Fit T-shirt - Now also available in Ecru, Aqua, Melagne Grey and Yellow

EP21 - Mens Organic Polo-Shirt - Now also available in Navy & Melagne Grey

EP75 - Organic Tote Bag - Now also available in Brown, Violet, Kelly Green & White

N77 - Women's Intimate Camisole - Price Lowered